Kurt Cobain wrote “Polly” after reading a newspaper article about the abduction, torture and rape in June 1987 of a 14-year-old girl by Gerald Arthur Friend; Friend had picked her up near the Tacoma Dome in his car after she had attended a rock concert. She was able to earn his trust and sympathy by convincing him she enjoyed it. She managed to escape when he stopped for gas. She got out of the vehicle and made a scene attracting attention from surrounding people.

okay u know what i’m just gonna change my theme and keep the same sidebar gif

deal? deal


this is the most intense butt wiggle I have ever seen.

the butt wiggle is so strong that the cat actually begins to float.



so since no one opted to make a gif for me

i’m either gonna try to

a) try to illegally download photoshop and try to make my own gifs 


b) find one on google and give credit to the person if they have that tumblr still

Hua Tunan :Owl Illustration Created with Lively Splatters of Paint

Chinese illustrator, painter, and street artist Chen Yingjie (aka Hua Tunan) creates paintings that are alive with energy. Using a splattering technique, he creates beautiful creatures that radiate with vibrant colors. Night Owl is one of his recent pieces filled with a dynamic power that emanates from the bird’s single golden eye.



Youth - Daughter

I said I would upload a better version of this cover, so I did! 

The old one isn’t terrible but this is a bit more polished in terms of the guitar and I like what I did with the melody a bit better. I flub the lyrical rhythms a couple times but what are ya gonna do? Also my phone vibrates at one point oops sorry.

This is still the best song ever and yeah. If you watched my other cover of this, lemme know which one you like better and I’ll probably take one down eventually.

I’m forever missing him. 

watch this man i’m shamelessly reblogging it




this vine speaks to me

this vine is really important

how i feel about today

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